About us

About Ispix Labs

Ispix Labs is crafted and empowered by the people who love Adtech industry and want to bring a change in the publisher side of the world.

We aspire to become the only video monetization solution pursued by a digital real state owner (The publishers)

Pentagon AI is made in order to give the publishers their right of enjoying the technology for their video content and video monetization without interrupting their content

Big ideas lead to big dreams and those dreams lead to changes in adverse situations. Thy, revolution.

Why US? You choose:

Tailored Inventory Monetization

A tailored suite of branded advertisers for all types of video inventory and publishers.

Comprehensive format inclusion

Our monetization service include all the types of video inventory formats across all platforms.

Brand safety regulations

We tend to welcome and follow all different compliances regulated by IAB in adtech industry.


A publisher first approach provide our dedicated experts to understand the market alignment of the inventory and get the highest possible price.

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