Our package of video monetization


Research & Monetize

Aligning the demand post understanding the inventory

Figuring out demand is functional and functionality must be translated into intelligent aesthetics & business gains


Review & value

Every publisher inventory is unique

We prioritize client's ROI considering the efforts every publisher put in content creation and acquisition of the user


Analytics & Data

Better data and Analytics for every impression and player load

Audience is invaluable and with our intensive reporting we provide better insights for our publishers


Industry compliances

Maintaining a transparent and responsible ecosytem

Our team help publishers to maintain all the Industry standards and compliances to level up on the race


All Platform supported

We monetize desktop, mobile, CTV.. all platforms

Our team test the performance of player and other features on stable versions of major devices and browsers


Customization & support

Our tech is flexible and adoptable

Our tech is developed considering all the web design patterns and support all customizations


Go live TAT & Onboarding

Faster to market Fastest to win. Less than 24 hours

Once onboarding process is completed which takes typically 24 hours, We provide support 24x7


Uninterrupted User experience

Happy customer is a returning customer

Our seamless video player increases the customer experience of viewing the ads and support customization

Get in touch

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